englelab v1.0.1

Updated: 12 May, 2021

  • Minor update only

  • Adds PartialScore and AbsoluteScore variables to score_ functions output for complex-span tasks

englelab v1.0.0

Updated: 24 February, 2021

  • This is a major update and will break previous versions (my apologies)

  • This is the first major release and will hopefully be stable after this

  • The raw_ functions work pretty much the same and might not break from previous versions

  • The score_ functions will break and have been made to be more flexible, such as using them to calculate alternate span scores and reliability estimates.

  • The score_ functions need to be used with dplyr::group_by() and so can be thought of as similar to dplyr::summarise()

  • See new Vignettes explaining this all: