This package contains various functions for processing and scoring complex-span and attention control tasks downloaded from the EngleLab

There are functions for the Advanced, Foster Shortened, Oswald Shortened, and Standard versions of the complex-span tasks, as well as functions for the Attention Control tasks.

There are also functions to assist in processing and cleaning the data. These include dealing with outliers with replace_outliers(), calculating composite scores from a group of variables with composite(), and removing those with too much missing data on a construct with remove_missing().



Data Preparation

Once you are ready to start analyzing data from the tasks, you will first need to create a merged (.emrg) data file of all the individual .edat files E-Prime produces. How to create a merged E-Prime file

You then will need to export that .emrg file as a tab-delimited .txt file. How to Export E-Prime files to .txt. You need to follow the ‘Export Data to StatView’ instructions AND uncheck Unicode.

You can then import the .txt merged file into R. readr::read_delim()


Symmetry Span Example


## Import
data_import <- read_delim("import/SymSpan.txt", "\t", 
                          escape_double = FALSE, trim_ws = TRUE)
## Raw
data_raw <- raw_symspan(data_import)

## Score
data_score <- data_raw %>%
  group_by(Subject) %>%

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Non-R Users

For non-R users, we created a point-and-click GUI to process and score data files from the tasks.


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Tsukahara, Jason S. (2022). englelab: An R package for processing complex-span and attention control tasks downloaded from the EngleLab (1.1.0). Zenodo.